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Control your car’s response characteristics with throttle tuning

Making pedal to the metal an experience

Control your car’s response characteristics with throttle tuning
Control your car’s response characteristics with throttle tuning

RaceChip Response Control - Unfortunately this is not available for your car.

6 customised
2 Eco
Ideal add-on to
chip tuning

Maximum driving pleasure with optimised response characteristics

Control your engine reaction – with Response Control

  • Maximum driving pleasure: Sport+
  • Fast driving: Sport
  • City traffic: ECO
  • Sport+
  • Sport
  • ECO

Power isn't everything. How you tap into it is just as important.
We developed Response Control so you can get maximum enjoyment out of your engine's power. You can perfectly adjust your engine's response characteristics with six different

settings from fuel-saving comfort to a racy sports car.
Your engine's power isn't changed, but it can be activated directly. This makes Response Control an ideal add-on to chip tuning. However, it also works perfectly on its own.

Optimised Response Characteristics

Your engine's response characteristics depend upon how directly your engine responds to the commands of the accelerator—in other words, how quickly it provides power and how far the accelerator must be depressed for noticeable acceleration. You can easily adjust your engine's response characteristics to six different settings to fit any driving. At the press of a button you can switch from fuel-saving comfort to the response characteristics of a racy sports car.

6 Customised Settings

The four sports settings incrementally increase your engine's response characteristics: Sport I and II cancel out the slight lag with which some accelerators react. Sport Plus I is ideal for country roads with tight curves. Sport Plus II gives your car the response characteristics of a racy sports car. The two eco levels put a slight delay on the accelerator response compared to series condition and actively help you save fuel.

2 Eco Settings Save Fuel

The two eco levels add a slight delay on the response time of the accelerator compared to series condition. This supports a more comfort-oriented driving style. Especially on slow city roads or in stop & go traffic the eco settings help you save fuel.

Perfect Add-on to Chip Tuning

Response Control doesn't change your engine's power, but it enables you to activate its power much faster. This makes Response Control the ideal partner for RaceChip chip tuning. Of course, it also works perfectly on its own.

Simple Installation

No special expertise is necessary to install Response Control. The RaceChip Plug&Drive principle applies here, too. In a couple of simple steps, RaceChip Response Control is installed directly on the accelerator. This pedal tuning takes just a few minutes.

How Response Control works

Explanation of customised settings

Active mode: Series

The vehicle is restored to its series settings at the touch of a button.

Active mode: Eco II

Ideal for maximum fuel efficiency when driving in stop & go traffic.

Active mode: Eco I

Very comfort-oriented driving. Ideal for constant speeds on the open road.

Active mode: Sport I

Your car cancels out the slight accelerator lag in series condition.

Active mode: Sport II

Improved dynamics thanks to the improved reaction time of your accelerator.

Active mode: Sport+ I

Ideal for dynamic driving on speedy curves along country roads.

Active mode: Sport+ II

Enjoy the response characteristics of a racy sports car.

Throttle response time:

  • You can easily optimise your engine's response characteristics with Response Control. The control unit is installed between the accelerator and accelerator sensor. The outgoing signals are strengthened or weakened, depending on the selected setting. This increases or decreases your engine's reaction time according to your setting (similar to the sports mode available in some cars – only with more and further developed customisation options).
  • The four sports settings incrementally reduce the engine's reaction time – until you can enjoy the reaction time of a sports car.
  • The two Eco settings add a slight delay to accelerator signals. This can help you save fuel during stop & go traffic.
  • Response Control is available for all car models with electronic accelerators.

The first gas pedal tuning that can save fuel

Drive more comfortable and improve your mileage

As the first throttle tuning module, Response Control features two eco settings that help you save fuel. The slightly delayed response characteristics let you stay within more efficient RPM ranges. Response Control enables more comfortable driving, especially in situations like city traffic or relatively smooth traffic on the motorway.

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Made for one another: Response Control and chip tuning

The RaceChip combination for considerably more driving fun

Just on its own, Response Control is outstanding, as the existing engine power is activated more directly.
You'll experience a completely new driving experience when you combine Response Control with chip tuning from RaceChip.

With the considerably higher power and more torque achieved with our engine tuning, you'll be thrilled like never before with the optimised response characteristics through Response Control. You'll be driving with confidence knowing that you are optimally using your car's potential.

RaceChip Response Control

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Response Control

RaceChip Response Control

Response Control
Unfortunately this is not available for your car.